UX Design and Development

The biggest risk is building the wrong thing.

Value Must Precede Experience

When you decide to build a website or app, we realize you’re investing time, resources, and of course, money. Design only solves one side of the equation, and in doing so creates more and bigger problems. When you create user based experiences without considering business value, you’re setting yourself and your business up for failure.

That’s why it’s important, if not detrimental, to base any project with a solid foundation before any “real” work is considered.

The experience of any system needs to consider the business, the user, and the wider context in one process. Using a research-based, value-centered design process unveils evidence that provides us with the correct answers to align and guide your project in correct direction.

Our Process for Design & Development

Research & Discovery

It’s our job to help you discover the right problems to solve. Our Research & Discovery process makes sure we start projects with a shared vision and a clear understanding of user needs and business goals.

Users & Concepts

Defining a user-focused plan and setting goals allows us to gather feedback early and often to establish quality information to assist in making worthwhile decisions in the design and development process. We are working with you to ensure that we are meeting your needs as well as the users.

Visualize & Build

Most companies will give you everything up front, right away relying on you to give feedback on the whole layout. While that might work for some projects, our experience has taught us that only leads to more problems and wasted time. We start small and work our way up to establish a proper foundation based on all of the research that we've done prior to this point.

Test & Iterate

It's true to what they say that the work on a website (and app) is never done. And we won't know until we get it into your users hands. That's why when we build we make sure that we've set a proper foundation from the start so we can always go back and use the data that we've gathered to make adjustments and improvements where they are needed.

Design is Not One-Size-Fits-All

We’ve worked with many companies in the past that shoe-horn clients and projects into their project workflow, design process, and working model. And, for us, it’s never turned out great or as expected leaving project timelines in the dust, frustrating stakeholders, and depleting budgets.

We are all just people working together to try to accomplish something. Even if the objective and the technology are complex, we are people working with other people. Once we lose sight of that, things take a bad turn.

That’s why we approach our design and development in a way that works with you. Using informative research and conversing about your project will help us work together to bring a shared, common goal for everyone involved.

Let's Work Together