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No, we’re don’t make bicycles. Sorry.

Enough Is Enough Already

Ok, so we don’t make bicycles. Sorry.

What we really do is work with clients to solve problems. What kind of problems? You know. Those tough, technical problems that individuals and companies can’t solve on their own. Or they’ve tried and end up creating more problems in the process. Maybe you’ve hired out a developer or designer to help you figure out those problems, but halfway through the project nothing seemed to work out. And that’s what we are trying to fix from the start.

We’ve been doing this for awhile now and while working for other companies we started to notice a trend while being a cog in the wheel. No matter what the project was or what the clients need were, every project would always try to fit this mold of what the agency wanted thier client to work with. It was always, “Here’s what we do so you do you work within that and we’ll show you some stuff and then we’ll make this shiny thing for you and everyone will rejoice in the glory and you’ll make a bajillion dollars and we’ll all drink fine champagne and celebrate. YAY!”

But that’s not real, and that’s not what happens.

Chances are if you are reaching out to us it’s because you’ve been sold a false bill of goods and you’re stuck. You’re stressed. You’re budgets wiped out. And either the developer or agency you’re working with is telling you that this is not going to work even thought it was promised in the design comp.

Let's Fix What's Broken

If there is one thing we can agree on is that they typical workflow of any project is broken. Trying to force any client into a process that they have no idea about is a recipe for disaster. 

When you hire us, we understand that the main focus of any project is communication. So expect us to ask lots of questions. We want to know you and what you are trying to accomplish, so in order for us to do our job effectively we need to understand what we are dealing with before we even start the real work. We can’t assume on anything. Once you start assuming that leads to bad decisions. And bad decisions lead to bad outcomes and then nobody is happy.

Let’s fix this broken process but understanding what you need and what you are trying to accomplish first. Then we can do our job and research what will work and present a set of possible solutions since there is more than one way to fix something. Once we figure that out, then we can work together to solve the problem.

Ok So No Bicycles Then?

I know. Our company name can be a little confusing. To be honest, yes, we like riding bikes and when the opportunity arose, the name Factory Bicycle seemed to fit. It was unique enough and witty so it kinda stuck and here we are.

Plus we realized that there were enough “boost”, “launch”, “force”, “ninja”, “unicorns”, “guru” marketing and developer companies out there already. And the last thing you want is your “rockstar” developer or designer showing up getting wasted and OD’ing. So let’s ditch the names and focus on the real problems that need to be solved.

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