Nonnis Web Site Redesign

Nonnis Website Redesign Project

We worked with Boost Marketing to help implement a redesign of the Nonnis web site.

At the time, Nonnis had two separate sites; one for their corporate info and one for their products. They wanted to bring both of those two sites together since most of the content was the same on either site and was becoming difficult to manage content when they wanted to make updates. They also wanted it to be a responsive site as well since they noticed that their mobile traffic was increasing.

Some of the major requests that we had to handle was making sure that the functionality of their branding carried throughout the site. For example, they wanted to make sure that each product had a different visual look when you would go to their specific product page.

Another big item was the integration of a store locator. Nonnis wanted a way that users could look up products by location. After looking at the data they provided, we decided that the best thing to do was implement a HTML based map where we could fetch their data from a database and then display where you could buy Nonnis products in each state.

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Original design and layout by Lucas Heinrich
HTML map by Winston Wolf

Nonnis Web Site Redesign

Nonnis Web Site Redesign

Nonnis Store Locator

Store Locator Results Page

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