Mobile Technology Rentals

This was a site that we designed and developed for a client while partnered with Idea Marketing. They rent mobile devices for companies at large events such as conferences, trade shows, etc.

One of the main requirements that the client wanted it to have was clear calls to action on the site so that users could be able to contact them easily to request a quote. With that objective in mind, we decided to go a different route with this project and work completely within the browser when creating the initial design. Idea was still using a waterfall process for creating websites and initial designs. But we wanted to make sure that we were testing this out correctly so that we could get a good metric with the usability as well as meeting the client goals and objectives.

Once we had most of the design elements approved, we were able to take the code that we had used to create the mockups and implement it into a custom WordPress theme.

It was a great project to work on and it made the design process so much simpler since we could actually see what was going to happen and test at the same time. Plus, the client was able to see and test on their end as well which made making changes to the mockups really easy.

You can view the live site here→

Mobile Technology Rentals

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