Lost on a Bike Theme

Lost On A Bike

This started as a small personal project for us. Since we’re a little obsessed with going on adventures by bicycle, we wanted a way to journal our stories while we were out and about. We really liked some other photography sites that have been being developed these days and we wanted to come up with our own custom theme that would integrate with WordPress. We wanted to create a photo journal experience that you could easily document stores within the theme by taking photos with your mobile device and use the WordPress app to publish them.

We came up with the concept of Lost on a Bike as a place where we could share these stories of us not totally getting lost, but taking the path less traveled.

This project is one of progressive enhancement. We started with a simple concept and as we go along, we add other features and bug fixes. So it’s a continual work in progress and evolves with us as we evolve with our adventures and stories.


Lost On A Bike

Lost on a Bike WordPress Theme

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