Kevin Presbrey Website

Kevin Presbrey Website

Kevin contact us to build a site for his upcoming solo album release Dust Unto Dust. He wanted to keep things simple, but have the ability update it on his own as well as be scalable.

When it came to design Kevin had already has some really awesome photography shot for the CD artwork and album cover so we wanted to work with that as much as possible. We started with some quick HTML prototypes to get a feel for direction. Once we had a layout configured we started to port all of the elements into a custom WordPress theme.

We’ve continued to work together making adjustments to the site as well as adding on a shopping cart so he had the ability to sell merchandise.


Prototype #1

Kevin Presbrey Website Prototype 1

Prototype #2

Kevin Presbrey Website Prototype #2

Final Design

Kevin Presbrey Website

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