ER2 MMPI Project

Bloomingdale Signs/ER2 MMPI Web Project

One of the clients when we were working with Boost Marketing (Bloomingdale Signs By Tomorrow/ER2 Image Group) asked us to create an info sheet for all of the signage information that they have for the Merchandise Mart building in Chicago.

They originally wanted it as a PDF document that they could just send to people that requested it. But later, they wanted to have it online so they could have the ability to edit it later.

I took the initial design that was created as the PDF and created a custom WordPress template so that they could have the ability to change it up whenever they wanted to. Since there really wasn’t a way for a full navigation area, I decided that the best way would be to have the menu hidden off to the side. That way users could access any navigation items on any page but not have it obstruct the page as a whole. Plus it allows for future addition of pages without it getting bunched up on the page.

The initial layout and design was created by Sadie Frey.

Home Page

MMPI Home Page

Internal Page

Flyout Menu

Larger Image Lightbox

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