Factory Bicycle is a web focused consulting studio aimed at creating useable experiences through research and collaboration run by Scott Dunham.

We strive to integrate clients into an agile structure to help solve problems together.

We believe that working with you allows us to be flexible to changing needs and creates more discussion when working on a project.

Our Working Model

We believe that research is the cornerstone of any project. Before any work is even started on a given project, we have an in-depth intake process that allow us to assess the projects goals and needs. We believe that this is necessary to build a solid working relationship with the client and us.

From there we work on assembling a team based on the needs of the project. Some projects can be done with one or two people. Some projects may need more than that which is why it is important for us to get a solid understanding of the project goals before hand.

We’d love to discuss the goals on your next project. Drop us a line at [email protected]